Our Clinic

The DRT operates a specialist visual clinic in Reading.

The assessment will be conducted by Priti Kashyap (Research Orthoptist and specialist SpLD teacher), followed by a consultation with Dr Fowler who will talk you through our findings and suggestions then you will receive a written report following the appointment.

Visual assessments at the clinic are medical eye examinations conducted by a specialist Orthoptist.  Expert advice is given following the visual assessments for reading problems and often we treat with blue or yellow coloured glasses.  We will also determine your child's areas of academic strength and weakness through our assessment, following which we will offer advice.  We continue to monitor the children over the coming year so we can check the effectiveness of our interventions.  The cost of an assessment is £245 but for low income families this can often be subsidised by bursaries and for those struggling to pay we can discuss making payment in instalments.

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The Clinic is integral to the research undertaken by the DRT’s dedicated research team and is overseen by our Chairman, Prof John Stein.

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