Advice for Teachers

52% of teachers report that they have had no dyslexia training, and 9 out of 10 of those that did receive any training say it lasted for less than an hour.

Teachers have a strong desire to help their students learn and recognise that struggling to read means that the child will have difficulty progressing in any of the entire spectrum of subjects.

But now Dyslexia has acquired such a broad meaning that it is incredibly difficult to know what problems a child with the  diagnosis is actually experiencing and thus it is practically impossible to help them from this alone. 

If you have a student who is suffering from visual problems with reading you can let their parent know about the DRT. We can assess the child for impaired visuomotor control  and usually help them to overcome their reading problems.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the geographical coverage of the Youth Energy Academy?

The Youth Energy Academy targets nationals of Asian countries residing in the region.

What’s included in the participation?

Besides full access to training materials (videos, ppts, recording of the sessions, designs of energy systems, etc.), each team of participants will receive a kit of materials and basic tools to build their own energy systems. All participants will receive a Certifiicate of Attendance signed by AIT-RRCAP and KAS, provided they attend the full duration of the programme.

I am national of one of the countries listed above, but I do not live there. Can I still apply?

Yes, but only if at least two of the remaining team members are currently residing in one of the eligible countries.

Please note that, in this case, participation in the practical workshops will be limited, as the core team is expected to work together on-site to build the energy systems.

Is there a course fee for the Energy Academy?

There are no fees to attend this programme and all training costs are waived for selected participants.

When and how will the selected participants be notified?

The selection process will be carried out until the end of August. Selected participants will be contacted by email early in September. Please refrain from spontaneously contacting the organizers to make enquiries about the status of applications.

I am a student at AIT. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, absolutely, and you should! One of the reasons for doing the Academy at AIT is to involve the students, faculty and alumni community. We encourage eligible students to apply, but please do so as part of a team (minimum 3 members all staying on-campus). AIT teams can be a mix of different nationalities.

I have no experience with renewable energy and I don’t even know exactly how electricity works. Can I still apply?

Yes, of course. The Energy Academy aims to be as inclusive as possible, no prior knowledge or experience is required, just a desire to learn and participate actively in all sessions. In effect, one of the aims of this programme is to show people that everybody can take action, small or big, in addressing the climate and energy challenges.

I have studied energy and have previous knowledge about electricity. Is this course still relevant for me?

Yes! The approach used in the Youth Energy Academy will be quite different from usual academic classes, and previous workshops have shown that even participants with engineering/energy backgrounds find the sessions interesting and contribute in a positive way. The uniqueness of the Youth Energy Academy lies in the diversity and richness that participants of all backgrounds bring with them.

I cannot find an answer to my question

If you still have questions regarding the Energy Academy please contact us at: (662) 516-2124

What will be covered at the Virtual Youth Energy Academy?

The second edition of the Youth Energy Academy will benefit from the Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT-RRCAP) and its extensive experience in delivering capacity building programmes in Asia. The programme will build on the first edition's experience and on the innovative concept developed and led in Europe by the Sustainable Energy Youth Network (SEYN) during Energy Academies and Mastercourses, adapting it to the Asian region. The programme is being tailored specifically to this regional context, but will cover many aspects of decentralized renewable energy, its role in climate mitigation, and mostly its positive impacts in community development and resilience. Theoretical sessions will introduce participants to different technologies, policy considerations, governance approaches, and financing alternatives. Practical sessions will offer hands-on workshops on building energy applications. Contents and methodological approaches are being tailored to a virtual format. If you want to see what happened last year take a look at the video.

Our team members are spread accross different locations. Can we still apply?

Yes, but at least two members of the team have to be on the same place during the programme, especially for the practical sessions on building the energy systems. The team can connect remotely with other members during the week.

I am the focal point for my team. What do I need to do?

You are a regular member of the team, with some additional responsibilites. Besides being responsible for submitting the online application, you will be the point of contact with the YEA organizers before and during the Academy, if your application is successful.

I have a team, but we don't have a clear project idea. Can we apply?

Yes! Ideally the team should have some general idea of what they will want to work on during the Academy (a problem you want to solve, a community that needs support, or a technology you want to focus on), but the level of detail at the time of the application can vary. The aim of the YEA is also to help refine the problem and the objective and help participants design and plan their projects. Also it doesn't have to be a technologically innovation or a novel idea, it can simply be project that leverages decentralised renewable energy systems to empower local communities.