Advice for Adults

Many adults have no idea that they may have dyslexia or be suffering from visual problems. It is never too late even for adults to be tested for visual reading problems and to improve their symptoms.

Many adults experience visual reading problems such as difficulty with reading dense text, inputting data with accuracy and poor spelling. These problems can make work very difficult and slow, which can lead to stress, anxiety and deteriorating mental health.

If you feel that words often "swim" when you read them or that you easily lose your place or transcribe numbers back to front, you are suffering from visual reading problems.

If you would like to talk to us about an assessment please send us an email or send us a message on Facebook.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it too late for me to get help?

Even in severe cases where an adult has never become literate, it is never too late to learn to read and spell. Visual symptoms causing the problem can often be corrected. Then you will be able to see more clearly and it will be easier to process information and you will make many fewer mistakes.

What are the signs I might have undiagnosed dyslexia?

Signs include things like making many spelling errors when writing emails or letters. You may also find yourself frequently making mistakes or mistranslating numbers and text when inputting data into spreadsheets or tables. Another sign would be a slower speed of processing information than average and needing longer than other people to complete a task. Work that involves reading (either text or numbers) may frequently leave you with a headache.

Does my employer have to make reasonable adjustments?

Yes. If an employee is diagnosed as dyslexic the Equalities Act requires the workplace to provide reasonable adjustments to accommodate their needs, or to offer an alternative role if adjustments cannot be made. We can provide advice on what workplace adjustments might best support your needs.

Is the assessment different for an adult?

The assessment for visual problems is identical for adults and children as it is a medical eye examination

Will changing my computer settings help me?

If you are suffering from visual problems, changing settings on your computer to change background colour or to reduce brightness or increase contrast can help. We are happy to speak with the IT department at your work to give advice if needed.